Tales of a Shattered Star

Session Notes - 18th May 2014

GM – Shane
Ashelin – Hailey
Bethany – Shaun
Clanky (Sir Clanks-a-lot – Clockwork servant)
Keen Ears – Dave
Laneth – Steve
Nick – Simon
Rock – Brad
Viekko – Rawry

Quest summary
Investigate the Windsong Abbey – find the next shard
Rescue Casamir’s sister Coria (completed)

Session Notes

Having broken through the conjured wall, the ettins triggered Viekko’s prepared spell and froze in their tracks at his command. Meanwhile upstairs in the meeting room Ashelin noticed her spells were having little impact on the Juju Zombie Bugbear and so hearing the commotion from the courtyard, decided to assist Viekko against the ettins.

Left to fight the Juju zombie, Keen Ears and Bethany both failed to strike the undead creature. Bethany felt the bite of the zombie’s wicked battleaxe and after a vicious hit, the barbarian felt her life force drained by the evil weapon. Nick heard Bethany’s scream of anguish and used his mechanical wings to fly to her aid. The Halfling tried to beckon the barbarian over so he could heal her, but Bethany decided to try and finish off the Bugbear. Her next swing missed the beast and as she prepared to meet her death, Keen Ears stepped forward and finished off the Juju zombie with a well-aimed arrow. Bethany grateful for the timely save, limped over to Nick for some healing.

Downstairs in the courtyard, Viekko applied his healing magic to Laneth, as Ashelin flew overhead and tossed a fireball in amongst the ettins, scorching the giantkin. Laneth, feeling revived by Viekko’s magic retrieved her crossbow and pinged a bolt of an ettin’s head. A second fireball from the mage finished off two of the ettins while the third emerged from the dining room and approached Viekko. Laneth tumbled in behind the ettin and drew its attention while Viekko stepped forward and smacked the creature about the heads. Nick continued to heal Bethany’s wounds, and feeling much better, the barbarian ran out and leapt from the balcony, landing next to the cleric. Keen Ears tried a similar move but with less poise, landing heavily in the courtyard below. Ashelin stayed clear of the fracas and bounced magic missiles off the ettin’s hide, which maddened the creature. The enraged giant tried to shove its way past Viekko and Bethany to get at Ashelin but the cleric finished it off, dropping the ettin at his feet.

Ashelin then heard a muffled voice coming from the tower. Viekko investigated the door at the base of the tower and hears a human voice from behind the door asking,
“What are you here for?”
“We are here to investigate what happened to the abbey."
“Well that seems obvious doesn’t it?”
Unhappy with this response Viekko throws up his hands and turns away from the tower,
“Fine, be that way!”
The door opened slightly and a dishevelled figure poked out his head and beckoned us to come in quickly. Inside the party noticed the walls were made of uncannily smooth stone with a spiral stair attached to the wall leading upwards into the tower. The man introduced himself as Casamir Azmeren and closing the door behind the adventurers turned and addressed the group.
“Thank Desnir you’re here.”
Viekko mumbled under his breath “Funny way of showing it.” So Ashelin and Nick decided to take over the questioning as Casamir lead the group up the stair to the top of the tower where in the middle of the room was a large sphere and the walls were covered in murals of butterflies, tangled script and images of angelic women. The mage broke out her art supplies and made a sketch of the room for the pathfinder’s records.
Ashelin then asked “Why did you stay in the tower when the abbey was attacked?"
Casamir replied “I came in to hide. It was safest in here so I locked the door and no one could get in. The tower is stronger than the rest of the abbey, even an earthquake couldn’t destroy it, and so I came here as it was safest.”
Laneth then asked “Can you give us a map of the abbey?”
“If you give me materials I can sketch the lower level of the abbey.” He offered.
Ashelin then handed over some of her art supplies and Casamir soon handed over a sketch of the abbey’s lower level. Casamir then explained what had happened to the abbey. An Elf named Ardathanatus had sent his monstrous minions to first infiltrate and then attack abbey so he could gain access to the secret vaults hidden beneath the abbey grounds. Initially Ardathanatus send a medusa disguised as an Elven princess to seduce the abbey’s leader Zolarem. When Ardathanatus then attacked the abbey, Casamir sent a magical calling to his daughter Coria, but when she answered the summons, Casamir saw her petrified by the medusa and carried away.
“You may rest here in the tower to recover, but please, help me by finding my daughter and returning her to me.” Pleaded Casamir. The group promised to find Coria and rescue her.

As the party bedded down to rest the night in the tower, Casamir also explained that there was a magically sealed door in the north west of the abbey that could only be opened with a special key and a combination. The medusa would most likely hold the key, and the combination could be found in Zolarem’s chambers. Ashelin then offered to teleport back to Magnimar to purchase spell components for Viekko so he could restore Bethany’s lost life force. The next day the group left the tower and returned to the balcony room, most by the nearby stairs, except for Keen Ears who needed to show he could climb successfully and Bethany who just decided to show off.
Nothing could be heard from the nearby door which opened onto a room smelling of decayed meat. A large window showed a view of the nearby coastline which a stairway lead down. Crossing the room another door opened onto a rectangular room containing several book cases. The books were uninteresting as Laneth discovered when the rogue tried to read one of the tomes and found the language was completely unknown to her. Casting a spell to comprehend languages Laneth realised the book was written in the abyssal tongue. Ashelin then found a book of poetry on a table next to a large armchair. As the mage flicked through the pages a sheaf of paper at the back held a curious poem which sounded strangely like a combination, so the mage pocketed it for later.

The next room mirrored the previous chamber and looked to be Zolarem’s bed chamber. The room was empty, so the party moved back to the meeting chamber and investigated the door to the south. They heard scraping sounds from behind the door so Viekko threw open the door revealing a pair of Vroks in the rectangular room beyond. Ashelin remembered her monster studies from magic school and quickly relayed all she knew about Vroks to the group. Viekko activated his aura of doom and moved into the room while Laneth tumbled into a flanking position with the cleric. Keen Ears drilled one of the creatures full of arrows and killed it. Bethany also moved into the room standing next to the cleric, seeing the creatures using magic, the barbarian became enraged which allowed her to avoid the effects of the Vrok’s spells. The creature then decided on a different tact and used it magical ability to summon another Vrok into the room. The summoned Vrok did not last long however as Keen Ears took aim and filled it with arrows. The Vrok then tried to toss the Bethany and Viekko out the windows to the sides of the chamber which would have meant certain death from the long falls to the rocks below. The creature was unsuccessful as the cleric and angry barbarian shook off the Vrok’s magical attack. The creature was soon killed so the adventures moved to the next door from which they could hear trickling water.

The door opened to reveal a finely tiled bathing chamber with a large circular bath that filled the room with warm steam making the room pleasantly warm. Inside the chamber was a redcap as well as a hill giant sleeping in the corner. Viekko was first through the door so the redcap focused its attacks on the cleric but could not get through Viekko’s heavy armour. Laneth tumbled in to flank the redcap while Ashelin tossed in a flaming sphere to burn the redcap. Bethany tumbled into the room, drew her new Cold Iron Earthshaker and pounded the little creature flat. The fight soon woke the hill giant who stepped forward and missed first Laneth and then Bethany with its great club. A snake headed woman suddenly materialised in the room and tried to cast a spell at Bethany but it took no affect in her enraged state. Viekko avoided the medusa’s gaze and delivered a massive burst of negative energy against the snake headed woman. Keen Ears then entered the room but was turned to stone by the medusa’s gaze. Laneth attempted to avoid the gaze by was also petrified. Ashelin stayed back in the safety of the outer room, and cast haste to increase her companion’s attacks. Bethany also avoided the medusa’s gaze so stepped forward to thump the creature. Viekko tried to move behind the medusa but was caught by the gaze and turned to stone. Ashelin then tossed a fireball into the room selecting not to harm Bethany in the blast and finished off the medusa. Bethany then stepped forward and smashed the hill giant into jelly. She then called out to Ashelin that it was safe and the pair searched the bath chamber for a way to restore their companions. Luckily they found several pots of stone slave, enough to restore Keen, Laneth and Viekko. They also discovered the statue of a young woman in the room and when they restored her with the last stone salve discovered they had found Coria who thanked her. The adventurers told her of their pledge to Casamir to find her.
“Thanks for saving me, can you tell me where my father is?” Asked Coria.
“He is downstairs in the tower.” Ashelin replied.
“I have to go and get my father out of here.”
“We will reunite you shortly.”

Upon the medusa’s corpse was found the dooms door key, therefore the party believed they had everything needed to open the magical door.

Here we paused.



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