Tales of a Shattered Star

Session Notes - 27th April 2014

GM – Shane
Rock – Brad
Nick – Simon
Keen Ears – Dave
Ashelin – Hailey
Bethany – Shaun
Laneth – Steve
Clanky (Sir Clanks-a-lot – Clockwork servant)
Viekko – Rawry

Quest summary
Solve the Sarendae Murders (completed)
Visit the Windsong Abbey – find the next shard

Session Notes
After purchasing cold iron weapons, the group retired to Nick’s cottage by the sea to spend the night before continuing on to the Windsong Abbey. During the day Laneth arrived from Magnimar and joined the party. The weapon smith’s stock of cold iron weapons was running low, but Laneth managed to find a wicked looking battle-axe to add to her arsenal.

In the morning Ashelin conjured spectral mounts and the group rode along the coast to the outskirts of the abbey precinct. When they arrived they saw smoke rising from the abbey in the distance as well as fires burning randomly among the houses of the village outside the abbey wall. Laneth and Keen dismounted and scouted among the houses while Ashelin, Nick and Bethany waited near a burnt out house. Coming to the crossroads, Laneth detected snoring coming from a nearby house and when she investigated found a sleeping giant within the building. Laneth left Keen to keen watch and returned to the others to tell them about the sleeping giant, then stealthily moved in beside the giant and hefted her new battle-axe and removed the creatures head. The sound roused a second giant who poked its dead in through a nearby doorway and then roared in anger.

Bethany spurred her horse into action and rode forward dismounting beside Keen Ears. Nick also rode forward but then activated his mechanical wings and flew into the air above the house. Ashelin spurred her horse forward and then dismounted as well. The second giant was soon brought down. Laneth crept out through the front door and along the road toward the abbey, but then from either direction came further bellows as six ettins, and two more hill giants lumbered towards the house. Bethany took up position in the doorway and called for everyone to enter behind her. Nick flew up onto the rooftop and took position with his short bow. Ashelin dropped a confusion spell on one groups of giantkin and then moved into the house behind the barbarian. Keen ears shot at an approaching ettin and then also ran inside the house. Laneth decided to try the next house and made her way through the dwelling and out the back door, circling back to the rear of the first house. The confused hill giants attacked each other, but the ettins moved up to the house and began beating down the walls. Laneth climbed up onto the house and took position on the roof, drawing and loading a crossbow. Bethany stepped out hacked down an ettin in the doorway, while Keen Ears dropped the other with his deadly bow. Ashelin then began casting a spell and a circle of fire leapt up around the house rising up twenty-feet high. The ettins were badly burned and two of them decided to circle the house looking for a way in. The third broke in through the wall but then fell to Bethany’s sword. The two hill giants fought each other until one shook off its confusion and tried to flee, but was brought down by the other giant. Keen ears took aim at one of the ettins and killed it, then turned and dropped its companion. The final ettin took a bolt from Laneth’s crossbow and decided to flee, as arrows and bolts zipped by it from Nick and Laneth. Nick tried to goad the confused hill giant into to the ring of fire, but the hill giant just stood and slammed a rock into its own head to try to end the confusion but then was put out of its misery as Keen Ears filled it with arrows.

The group retreated into the house to rest but a few minutes later they were disturbed when a large rock slammed down through the roof. Nick flew up to the roof and reported three ettins and two hill giants were behind the abbey wall lobbing rocks at the group. Laneth slipped out the back door and stealthily made her way along the houses and across the open ground to the wall. Bethany followed behind the elf, keeping her distance so to not attract attention. Keen ears and Ashelin crossed the road and moved along the line of houses, while Nick flew across to the last house before the wall and started shooting with his short bow. Ashelin cast a spell upon herself and flew up to the rooftop with Nick. Keen Ears tried to follow but slipped on the roof and fell painfully to the ground. Laneth made it to the wall but also slipped and fell back to the ground. The giantkin seeing where the arrows were coming from threw rocks and one clipped Nick painfully. Ashelin cast her most powerful spell causing lighting to arc between all of the ettins, causing them great pain. Bethany made a dash for the wall while Laneth scrambled up one side then sneakily tumbled down the far side unnoticed by the nearby hill giant. Bethany then scrambled up onto the wall and hacked one of the ettins killing it. The other giant kin closed in and thumped the barbarian with their greatclubs. Nick and Keen Ears continued to fire from the rooftop while Ashelin flew over to the wall and killed an ettin with a ray of frost. Keen ears drew on the final giant and dropped it. Nick then flew over to the wall and used a healing wand to heal Bethany’s injuries.

Here we Paused.



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