Tales of a Shattered Star

Session Notes - 4th May 2014

GM – Shane
Rock – Brad
Nick – Simon
Keen Ears – Dave
Ashelin – Hailey
Bethany – Shaun
Laneth – Steve
Clanky (Sir Clanks-a-lot – Clockwork servant)
Viekko – Rawry

Quest Summary
Investigate the Windsong Abbey – find the next shard

Session Notes
At the gates to the outer wall, the party spotted a shape in the air which turned into Viekko swooping down on one of his undead wyverns. The cleric joined the group and then ordered his creation to find a roost on a nearby mountain. The adventurers then moved along the road towards the front of the abbey which appears to be partially destroyed with many of the walls lying broken in ruins. Laneth investigated the front entrance while the rest of the group checked a broken section of wall finding a ruined cathedral. Laneth spotted a dead fall trap within the entry way containing several boulders suspended above the alcove, so joined the others and reported her findings.

As the party stood considering the broken wall, Viekko casts a number of spells upon himself to enhance his combat abilities. The group decided to enter the ruined cathedral but as they moved into the room, Bethany heard mumbled conversation from above. A wall of fog appeared and blocked off the exit through the broken wall, while a pair of strange creatures dropped into the room and attacked.

The creatures appeared to be bundles of intestines wrapped around a tooth-filled maw which Ashelin identified as Qlippoth. Viekko, Laneth and Bethany surrounded one of the creatures while Ashelin dropped a flaming sphere on it as well. Viekko attempted to bestow curse on one of the creatures but failed to affect it. The cleric then used a wand of lighting on the other but most of the damage seemed to be absorbed. Keen Ears stepped back and unloaded a massive volley of arrows which killed one of the Qlippoth. The other was dispatched by a combination of slashing from Bethany’s sword and some well-placed stabs from Laneth which flanked the second Qlippoth with Bethany.

At the end of the battle, Laneth then moved to the front of the group and advanced along a wide ruined hallway that ended in a closed door, however an open archway drew the elf’s attention. The archway opened onto a courtyard in the middle of the abbey complex. The buildings surrounding the archway looked destroyed and much of the structure stood in ruins. However, in the middle of the courtyard stood a tall narrow tower that looked to be in good repair, and had not been damaged. The tower resembled a lighthouse, and appeared to have no windows. The only entrance was a pair of double doors at the base, which Laneth moved towards. A chittering noise behind the elf drew her attention to a low balcony above the archway she had entered, where four redcaps stood brandishing crossbows pointed menacingly at Laneth. The elf reacted by scrambling up a column and onto the balcony to confront the redcaps. Bethnay moved around under the balcony then also climbed up to the far side of the redcaps. Ashelin flew up to their level and conjured a long snake-like line of fire upon the redcaps. Keen Ears having no direct line of fire, delayed and then attempted to climb the balcony but slipped and fell back to the courtyard. Viekko moved to the base of the balcony exposing the redcaps to his aura of doom. The cleric then conjured his aura of destruction, affecting enemies and friends alike. The redcaps dropped their crossbows and took out scythes cutting Bethany. Laneth made good use of the aura of destruction critically killing one of the redcaps. Bethany drew her cold iron Earthshaker and killed two more of the creatures. The final redcaps chose to flee and slipped past Bethany into the room off the balcony. Meanwhile a loud bellow was heard from bellow as an Ettin emerged from the room below the balcony. Viekko cast a spell upon the creature making it feel terrible remorse, but before the spell could activate, Keen Ears stepped back and felled it with his bow. As the creature fell, Keen Ears spotted another ettin in the dining room beyond the opening. Another pair of the ettins also appeared and Viekko realised they now faced three of the giant creatures and so stepped up to the ettin and swaved goodbye, speaking to the creature in its own language thanks to his spell of toungues cast earlier. The cleric then conjured a wall of stone blocking the entrances to the courtyard in a fifty-foot curving wall. A frustrated Keen Ears having nothing to shoot, decided to join his companions on the balcony.

Meanwhile Laneth had chased the redcap into the room off the balcony and found a large meeting room filled with chairs decorated with murals to different deities of the area. Bethany joined Laneth in the room and Laneth dropped the redcap, then the pair turned to find the room was occupied by a Juju Zombie Bugbear Fighter and three cloth-wrapped mummies. The bugbear seeing the elf screamed in anger and drew upon Laneth with a longbow shooting the rogue. Ashelin flew into the room and conjured balls of lightning on the three mummies who had moved to attack Bethany and Laneth. Laneth tumbled past the mummies and attacked the bugbear but missed. Keen Ears ran into the room and into a corner, drawing a slam from one of the mummies on the way passed. The other two mummies slammed the barbarian, one of which infected Bethany with mummy rot. The now angry barbarian dropped the earthshaker and drew her sword, cutting down the two mummies. The bugbear stepped away and scored a damaging shot upon Laneth, who decided to retreat, fleeing back over the balcony to ask Viekko for healing. The cleric was holding a spell in case the ettins broke through the wall and so gestured to his pocket and invited the cleric to retrieve the wand there.
“If you want to live, then take my wand.”
The elf retrieved the wand then attempted to use her skill as a rogue to activate it but failed.

After dropping the mummies, Bethany moved up to attack the bugbear, who dropped its bow and took up a wicked looking greataxe which it used to carve strips off the barbarian. The last mummy chased Keen Ears into the corner where Keen Ears dropped it, then scored a critical hit, filling the bugbear with arrows. The bugbear remained standing so Ashelin moved all three of her lighting balls onto the bugbear. The lightning did not seem to affect the creature so the mage tried a pair of scorching rays with similar results, and then in frustration fired a volley of magic missiles from her wand. As the missiles were absorbed by the creature Ashelin swore in rage at the zombie which impressed the barbarian as Bethany didn’t think the cultured mage knew that kind of language. In shock the barbarian and the archer both missed the bugbear with their next attacks. Below in the courtyard the ettins finally broke through the stone wall so Viekko triggered his spell commanding the ettins to stop. The power of the cleric’s command stopped the ettins in their tracks.

Here we paused. (With a Juju Zombie Bugbear Fighter and three ettins to overcome)



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