Augustille's Prophecy

Augustille’s Prophecy
The owl will seek but will not find,
but spire of knowledge pays in kind
in secret kept in secret keep
in forest dark and cavern deep.

The abbey of the glutton moon
will flow with blood, the wind in tune
to finish that begun before
and open wide the doomsday door.

The shattered star with seven shards
for seven lords with seven swords
the queen of blue in distant skies
will kindle new the ancient wars.

The seas will rise and men will drown
And what was lost shall claim the crown.

Vergun has confirmed:
The Owl refers to the Council of Truth who have a wide-eyed owl as their sigil
The Spire of Knowledge refers to the Therrasic Spire which closed around the same time the Council of Truth became active again.
It seems the two organizations have set up their own group of adventurers to enter the undercity illegally (without Duskwarden knowledge perhaps?) and recover a lost Shard of the Runelords.

Augustille's Prophecy

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