Character Notes

Session 2
Snuffa’s random scribbles
NPC Amazing Zograthy – Fortune teller – addict
Bethany’s fortune – Woman – small danger – old friend – death will dog her path

Towergirls are looking for Natalia as well, they have had a falling out
Natalia looking for poison cures, most likely as a caution against exposure to the sewers.
The Washers have the market on poison cures.

There will be a Slaver Run at midnight at the Puffy Pelican tavern

Mayor has a bounty out of 500gp for information on the disappearences

We spoke to Kassedy the guard in charge of the investigation into mission people. Asked about Towergirls, Poison Cures etc.

NPC Fencter the Blight was the Towergirls landlord but they have not been back for a while.
Lives in Underbridge, has seen Natalia at a nearby building. Does favors for gifts.

Character Notes

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