Trouble at the Inn

“Your going ta have ta speak to da Boss.”

The nervous innkeeper approaches the office. On the way he passed a large muscled woman with an unreasonably large sword deep in conversation with a grizzled stocky dwarf. They both look in his direction as he approaches.

Quickly avoiding eye contact he continues his walk. A slender Half-Elf lounges lazily on a chair. His feet on the table, he is casually stabbing grapes with an arrow and eating them. He raises a single eyebrow as the Innkeeper looks his way and as their eyes meet for the briefest of moments. The Half-Elf’s eyes casually wander down the innkeeper and the slightest of smiles curls his lips as they reach his heart. Unknown to the innkeeper, a second elven lady tracked his movement across the inn floor, hidden in the shadows.

Shivering a little he turns down the corridor and comes faces to face with a man dressed in dark robes who smells slightly of… death? He tries to hurry past, but the man takes his time to look him over, nodding the dark man turns away muttering “Interesting.”

Finally he reaches the door to the boss’ office, fear building in his throat he opens the door and steps in, committing himself to his fate. The adorned office has numerous bookcases, filled to bursting. Standing beside a large mahogany desk is a woman holding what must be the accounts book. She looks up and as she does, he could swear the faintest of flames flare and leap about her as though having stoked a fire.

“Boss?” he trembles.

“Boss?! I’m down here idiot.”

Trouble at the Inn

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