Tales of a Shattered Star

August 25th 2013, Session Notes

Session Notes
After defeating the sinspawn and the last of the summoned demons, Laneth noticed something strange in the corner of the large room and discovered a secret door. Beyond the door was a small chamber filled with glowing light that covered every surface. An investigation by the magical members of the party revealed the light to be a conjuration spell of some type, which the rogue then tried to disable but was unsure if the attempt was successful. Regardless, the party had but one path open to them and entered the room triggering whatever effect the spell had. The light in the chamber faded, but otherwise no obvious trap was revealed so the adventurers continued to an oaken door in the far side of the room.

This door opened onto an octagonal chamber with a large stone column in the middle. Around the column a thin circular stairway lead up into the ceiling and the unknown. Three irons bound doorways at cardinal points, led from the room which was filled with implements of torture and occupied buy four heavily armoured and armed Grey Ladies who sprang to attack. They were quickly dealt with, and in searching the room we discovered books and maps on a table which were revealed as well thought out and detailed plans for retaking the kingdom of Korvosa. We decided to collect these and present them to our Pathfinder Lodge. These plans would be highly valued in the either the hands of a defender, or an aggressor.

While searching, Bethany could detect breathing beyond a small door in the southwest corner of the room which lead to a barracks filled with cots and containing five more Grey Ladies. Three of ladies were sleeping while two more were awake and armored. These yelled an alarm and attacked, while the three sleepers quickly awoke, and having no time to don armour, grabbed longswords and advanced despite a warning from the Mage, whom they ignored. Resigned to the grisly work ahead of them, the party cut down the group and picked over their remains.

The other cardinal doors opened upon small cells all of which were empty. Laneth’s Elven senses were once again tingling as the canny rogue detected another secret door in the southern wall. The door opened upon a large columned room. The columns were carved into the shapes of limbs entwined in sensuous embrace holding the ceiling. The walls were carved in murals to depict bloodletting and blood drinking. The murals were unfinished and several broken scaffolds were against the wall. Six of the columns manifested as a bloody vapour that we recognised as Vampiric Mist. Luckily Ashelin had a remaining fireball in her repetoir of spells and the flaming detonation vapirised the creatures instantly. While searching the now empty and slightly charred room, we found hidden amongst the scaffolding a small pot of marvellous pigments. To the east a rough-hewn tunnel lead to another small unfinished room with a single pillar holding up the ceiling. The wall of this room was carved with an image of the castle of Korsova, the grand Mastava. As the party admired this detailed carving, three demons stepped from the mural and attacked. The demons seemed impervious to mundane weapons and spells, but Rock made short work of them with his Cold Iron pick, while a quick enctantment from Nick, turned Bethany’s sword into Cold Iron as well.

When the demons were defeated, the party retired to the Grey Ladies Barracks, and barricaded the door so they could rest and regain spells.

Here we Paused.



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