Tales of a Shattered Star

August 4th 2013, Session Notes

GM – Shane
Rock – Brad
Nick – Simon
Keen Ears – Dave
Ashelin – Hailey
Bethany – Shaun
Laneth – Steve
Clanky (Sir Clanks-a-lot – Clockwork servant)

Session Notes
After resting and repairing in the various bed chambers near the central chamber with the gray flame, the adventurers returned to the stairs leading down the image of Lady Sorchion. The more perceptive members of the party, Laneth and Bethany, noticed that the feet appeared to be more worn than the rest of the image, lending to the idea that many lips had graced the stone feet in homage. While the adventurers argued everything from the sanctity, sacrilegious and sanitary issues arising from kissing the statue’s feet, Bethany in a huff of irritation knelt down and planted a wet, sloppy barbarian smooch on the feet, and was instantly teleported to a new location.

Suddenly finding she was alone, Bethany looked around to find a way to return to the group and found a demonic statue holding out its hand. The Thessalonian script at the base of the statue meant nothing to the barbarian, but the posture of the statue seemed to be inviting her to take the hand offered. With a shrug, Bethany grasped the hand and was teleported back to the group, just as Laneth popped into existence behind her. Briefly she explained to the others where she had gone, and so one by one they also kissed the statue. Clanky presented a problem, as he had no lips with which to kiss the statue, but Bethany solved the dilemma by calling on her rage enhanced strength to pick up the clockwork servant and then carried it while teleporting back to the others. Soon only Rock stood before the image of Sorchion, the implications of the act still bouncing around inside his shaggy dwarven head. Coming to a sudden decision, he retrieved a bottle of spirits from his pack and poured a liberal portion all over the feet. As the cleric bent to kiss the statue, he mumbled “I love you wodka.” And was teleported to the others.

The destination turned out to be a small landing next to the plunging water of a waterfall. The party realised they were under the waterfall from the lake above, where another lake stretched out before them. Upon the landing three boats were tied, allowing further exploration to continue. Laneth spied a line of runes at water level, stretching around the walls of the cavern which the magic users in the party identified were controlling the level of the water to keep it constant. The party boarded the boats and continued to heading west along the wall. Soon the way narrowed to a 30-foot across tunnel leading further west. Within the tunnel were several niches carved into the rock wall, each containing a manacled prisoner, all in various states of decay. From the roof of the tunnel, sudden movement resolved to be a pair of giant bats. Rock noticed something strange about the bats and realised they were undead. He attempted to channel positive energy against them but failed to have a significant impact. The rest of the party leapt from the boats into the shallow water of the tunnel and battled the bats until they were defeated. Several of the party members, including Bethany, Rock, Nick, and Laneth suffered bites from the zombie bats and so would surely contract ghoul fever in a few days if un-treated. Returning the boats, the adventurers continued along the tunnel which soon turned north and opened out onto another large underground lake. As the boats turned back to the east, the group could hear strange whispers echoing across the water. Suddenly Nick and Laneth, stripped off all of their clothing and equipment and dove into the lake, swimming ahead of the boats to the north-east. Bethany became suspicious and filled her mind with anger, blocking out the seductive whispers. Rock, Ashelin and Keen Ears also managed to block out the whispers and remained in the boats. From the placid lake water, sudden churning turned into a pair of giant eels. Laneth who had swum ahead of everyone was grabbed and dragged under the water, disappearing from sight. Nick was attacked by the second eel, so Bethany steered her boat towards the creature but found her sword ineffective from the boat, soc swapped to her heavy pick and leapt into the water to fight the eel and give Nick an escape route onto the boat with Clanky. Rock also entered the water to battle the eel, while Ashelin dropped a freezing ice-ball into the water between the eels, and Keen Ears sent arrows faster than the eye could follow.

When the eels had been dealt with, the party returned to the boats but tragedy had struck and they found they had lost Laneth, who had been killed by the eel. Gathering up the elf’s remains, the adventurers decided to beach the boats on a nearby shore while they discussed how to proceed. The party decided they should travel back to raise the funds needed to return Laneth back from the dead. Before departing however, Keen Ears and Bethany noticed a secret door in the northern wall of the beach alcove they were in, while two more tunnels lead deeper into the eastern wall. Cries of anguish emanated from the southern-most tunnel while a faint fetid odour of decay came from the other tunnel. The mission at hand had the highest priority however, so the group decided to continue exploring the area. Behind the secret door was a small rough hewn chamber which appeared to be a kitchen, complete with a fire pit and cooking supplies as well as fishing poles. The east wall of the chamber contained another red panelled image of Sorchion in dalliance with several different humanoids, which Ashelin quickly noted in her sketchbook. In a short time the party manipulated the push buttons and opened the wall. Beyond this chamber stretched a long dining hall with several small doors exiting to the north and south and a larger door in the east wall. Around the table sat six female warriors all wearing the same livery which Ashelin noted belonged to the gray ladies, a group dedicated to resurrecting the Rune Lord of Lust. Standing, the gray ladies ordered the party to surrender, which Keen Ears answered with several arrows aim through the doorway. And so battle was joined. A well placed earth-ball dropped in the middle of the room flattened several of the gray ladies while the rest soon feel to arrows, hammers and greatswords. Not long after the last lady fell however, four more female warriors burst out of the door to the east, with wet hair and looking like they had hastily donned their armour. Soon however the four ladies joined the six in the afterlife and the party set upon the grisly task of looting the dead. After all they had a friend to raise, and the full plate armour worn by the ladies would fetch a high price in Magnimar. The room directly to the east looked like a bathing chamber, explaining the late arrival of the four gray ladies. Collecting loot and lost companions, the party prepared to return to Magnimar, however the vowed to return to the underground complex and continue tracking down the next shard of the Shattered Star.

Here we paused.



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