Tales of a Shattered Star

February 24th, Session Summary Notes

GM – Shane
Rock – Brad
Nick – Simon
Keen Ears – Dave (absent)
Ashelin – Hailey
Bethany – Shaun
Laneth – Steve

Session Notes – Entomologist’s nightmare
After completing our business in town and dividing up the spoils we headed back to The Crow to continue exploring and seeking the next shard of the shattered star. We headed down some stairs and found an area with a green scum covered pool and passages to the sides. Some stairs to a balcony at far end as well as a small crack leading into a cistern room. Guano in thick layers covered the room. Laneth found in the cistern room a couple of spiders munching on a dolphin corpse and quickly returned to the main room where the rest of us battled two amoebas. Not sure what these creatures were like, Nick tried to recall his bardic knowledge and Laneth attempted to remember her Dungeoneering training but both had missed the lecture on the anatomy of gelatinous creatures and their wants and desires.

Regardless we waded into battle and squished them to goo.

As the group turned to follow Laneth to deal with the spiders, Bethany spied a curious little creature hiding in the nearby side passage. Ashelin recognized the wretch as a mite and Bethany overcome with some kind of emotion, leapt at the small creature, wrapping it in a bear huge and professing her undying affection for the widdle squishy. The poor mite was having none of this and began squealing in fear. Bethany sure that she could win over the little thing, happily pinned it and tied it up to save for later.

Meanwhile Laneth and Rock we busily dispatching the spiders, but not without penalty, as Laneth succumbed to the debilitating spider venom. Having subdued the mite, the remaining party members joined the fracas and soon the spiders were dealt with and Rock applied what healing he could to restore Laneth, though some vestige of the poison remained, weakening the elf. A search of the side passage revealed a hidden bat swarm which when disturbed launched into flight against Rock who stood nearest. Ashelin seeing no alternative, fired burning hands at the poor dwarf, burning both him and the bats. At the first opportunity Rock fled the swarm allowing a repeat of the burning. Laneth chimed in with a thunderstone, blinding the now deaf bats who returned to their hiding place. Bethany having failed to communicate with the mite, untied the poor creature and released it hoping this act of kindness may sway the creature. Alas the mite simply fled back to where it had come, unfortunately the same direction as the party as they explored further.

Down more stairs into a large room full of wall niches turned out to be an empty crypt. Mounds of earth in the middle of the room revealed an ant colony, as several of the creatures slowly appeared and attacked the group. The creatures were quickly dealt with, although this was a shock to Ashelin as the wizard felt quite badly about the carnage of the cute and lovable ants. With the entomologist’s nightmare over, the group turned back to exploration and found a passage leading from the room as well as a secret door in one of the walls.

Here we paused.



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