Tales of a Shattered Star

Session Notes, 13th October 2013

Session Notes – 13th October 2013

GM – Shane
Rock – Brad (absent)
Nick – Simon
Keen Ears – Dave
Ashelin – Hailey
Bethany – Shaun
Laneth – Steve (absent)
Clanky (Sir Clanks-a-lot – Clockwork servant)

Silence fell in the aftermath of the Boggart battle. Puzzling over the fate of Yando, the party decided they should question the now very dead Boggart leader. Rock spent some time memorising spells to ‘speak with dead’, ‘tongues’ and ‘owls wisdom’, allowing him four questions of the Boggart’s spirit.
Question 1: “Where did you get the belt from?”
Answer 1: “From out of the dung pile.”
Question 2: “Where is the dung pile?”
Answer 2: “In our village”
Question 3: “Where is your village from here?”
The spirit described how to reach his village.
Question 4: “How many warriors are left in your village?”
Answer 4: “Six.”
And with that final answer the spirit of the Boggart faded away to snoke.

The party then began discussing how long it would take them to reach the village and return by day-break, but were interrupted by Captain Othlo who announced he was packing up and leaving straight away. The adventurers tried to convince him to stay until dawn as per his usual custom, but the Halfling would no be swayed, so lamenting the unsolved mystery of Yando’s fate, the group boarded the vessel and sailed into the night, spending the remaining nights camping aboard the boat, and moored in the middle of the river.

After around two weeks travel, the boat finally arrived at the base of a large cliff face, with Kaer Maga perched at the top. Two paths were available, the first being a winding trail leading up the face of the cliff and taking many days. Captain Othlo recommended the second option, being a much faster ‘Half-light path’. With his duty completed, the Halfling barge quickly turned around and headed back along the river. Turning the adventurers found themselves in a queue before a pair of large bronze doors carved in intricate and eye-bewildering sigils. Anyone staring for too long at any of the sigils, soon became confused as the eye lost its way tracking the symbols.

Before the doors stood a queue of civilians and another group of grey uniformed humanoids wearing the insignia of a golden arch upon a blue background. Nick recognises the sigil as belonging to the Duskwardens, a group charged with protecting Kaer Maga from the denizens of the Undercity, a wild and monster filled warren of tunnels and caves under the more peaceful and tame city of Kaer Maga itself. While waiting with the queue of civilians, a middle aged human male duskwarden approached the adventurers and said “You look like you can pull your own weight, let’s move you to the front of the queue.” With that he leads the group to the doors where they joined a fat Merchant and his two sons. The duskwarden introduced himself and then explained the rules of the Half-light path. The cost would be two gold each and there would be no unnecessary talking, and also complete silence if ordered. The Merchant complained about this rule, so the duskwarden explained that there were still dangerous creatures in the undercity so the duskwardens kept the groups small to remain stealthy.
With that, he haded each of the travellers a small pendant and explained that it could act as a light and if we become separated we should clutch the pendant tightly and ask for help. Then three nearest duskwardens would detect the call and come to our aid.

As the doors opened, they revealed beyond a 15-foot wide tunnel sloping upwards into darkness. The walls of the tunnel contained a fresco of a falling star wreaking havoc on a large populated city. Beyond the tunnels were carved with crude frescos and the adventurers realised there was a labyrinth of tunnels, but most has been sealed, making a straight passage leading upwards.

Not long into the journey, the duskwarden noticed some broken brickwork in the wall of the tunnel. “That isn’t right…” was all he could say, as the brickwork exploded outwards scattering the group. From the new hole in the tunnel wall emerged a large slithering worm, armed with a shortsword, while further within the hole, two more of the worms could be seen. Bethany quickly stepped into the gap to prevent the worms from all emerging and Clanky obediently stepped to her side. Unfortunately the party was ill prepared for the creatures mind affecting powers of the worms and soon found themselves confused and unable to function. Luckily not all were affected or were able to shake off the effects for long enough to attack the worms. Nicks managed to cast veritile weapon on Bethany’s sword to make it more effective against the worms, while Keen Ears in his confused state turned on Ashelin, who realising her danger, cast Greater Invisibility and removed herself from the equation. Moving into position she tossed a couple of fireballs down the tunnel at the worms but was not as effective as her previous track record. She then tried to freeze the lead worm but this was also ineffective against the magically resistance creatures, and ended up resorting to using a barrage of magic missiles. As Keen Ears slipped further and further into confusion, the fear of him going insane grew high, and so the mage risked slipping close enough to protect the half-elf from evil, returning him to sanity. The Half-elf then focussed his deadly arrows on the worms but their tough hides took little damage from his many strikes. Nick also feel in and out of confusion, at one point stabbing the barbarian, who barely noticed. Bethany flew into her warrior’s rage, which helped her against the confusion but was not perfect. Luckily the worms were the constant threat and so Bethany focused her rage on them and not on her compansions. Soon all three worms were brought down through a combination of brute force, stinging arrows and mighty magic.

Picking himself and the Merchant up from where they had fallen, the duskwarden thanked us for our help and protecting the Merchant, and asked us to move along quickly, even as he announced the wardens would need to repair the breach. The rest of the journey proceeded without incident and at the entrance to the city, the merchant hurried off with his sons, swearing under his breath. The duskwarden turned to the group and handed Bethany a half-life charm, explaining it would summon the duskguardian who imprinted it once per year. He then asked a favour of the party, and explained his history.

A bastard child, he had been born of a dalliance between his mother and father, and had been kicked out of home with his mother by his grandfather when only young. His mother had soon died, and so the boy had raised himself on the streets of Kaer Maga. One day while fighting some other children a dark shape had dropped from above, scattering the childen, and revealing a female elven duskwarden named Lincora. Lincora invited the boy to join the duskwardens and help protect the city. The boy fell in love with Lincora and when old enough the pair had married and been partners, up until the pair had fallen foul of the Dark Rider, a denizen of the Undercity, who had killed Lincora and taken her head. This was the favour asked of the adventurers, that if we came across the Dark Rider and found Lincora’s head, we would return it for burial with her other remains. We agreed, and as the duskwarden parted ways, he advised us to locate a guide to the city.

Here we paused.



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