Tales of a Shattered Star

Session Notes - 22nd June 2014

GM – Shane
Rock – Brad
Nick – Simon
Keen Ears – Dave
Ashelin – Hailey
Bethany – Shaun
Laneth – Steve
Clanky (Sir Clanks-a-lot – Clockwork servant)
Viekko – Rawry

Quest summary
Investigate the Windsong Abbey – find the next shard

Session Summary
As the snakes stopped writhing on the head of the fallen medusa, the adventurers searched the corpse and discovered the key they had been looking for to the magical door on the ground floor. They decided to pass the tower on the way and deliver Coria back to her father. Bethany led the group back through Zorlarim’s chamber and the stairway leading down to the rooms below. At the bottom of a grand starcase was a small chamber that led to the ruined dining room where several ettins and giants had already been slain. Both Bethany and Laneth noticed something about the floor that was not quite right, so Laneth attempted to disable the subtle trap. The mechanism proved to be more difficult that the rogue expected however, as when Laneth stepped out onto the floor it gave way beneath her and the elf lass tumbled into a deep pit below. Luckily though, she managed to avoid the spikes sticking at the bottom. As Laneth scrambled back out of the pit, Bethany and Keen Ears easily vaulted the now gaping hole in the floor. As Viekko followed he noticed an ornate headdress hanging on the bannister. Although the significance of the religious artefact defeated his knowledge, he still pocketed the item intending to show it to his more learned colleagues later. Unfortunately, as Viekko grabbed the headdress off the banister, he triggered another trap which resulted in a loud booming noise that echoed about the room and almost crushed the party with its volume. A slightly deafened group emerged from the dining room and approached the tower where a relieved father and daughter were once again reunited. When shown the headdress, the priest recognised it as the raiment of the masked abbot of the Windsong Abbey and advised that it had useful magical properties that might aid the party. Viekko gladly donned the headdress and immediately felt more confident and charismatic. Coria then announced that she would escort her father back to Magnimar, and asked us that we try to capture Zorlarim alive and return him for trial. Her father then gave us the pass code for the tower and told us we could rest there in safety if required.

After seeing off the pair, the adventurers approached the magical door and Laneth interpreted the code phrase from poetry book which turning the magical key. The door swung open and revealed a stairway leading down into the darkness. At the bottom of the stairs, Bethany was able to detect many high pitched voices and related back to the group that the room sounded full of red caps. The party then readied their cold iron weapons and prepared to through open the doors….

Here the GM of Awesomeness’s Internet Connection went bad so we Paused.



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