Tales of a Shattered Star

Session Notes 29th June 2014

GM – Shane
Rock – Brad
Nick – Simon
Keen Ears – Dave
Ashelin – Hailey
Bethany – Shaun
Laneth – Steve
Clanky (Sir Clanks-a-lot – Clockwork servant)
Viekko – Rawry

Quest summary
Investigate the Windsong Abbey – find the next shard

Session Summary
Fully expecting a room full of Red Caps, the adventurers ready their cold iron weapons and Bethany threw open the double doors at the bottom of the stairs. Beyond the portal was a large storage room strewn with broken barrels, shattered glass and coils of rope. Instead of the expected red caps however, the room contained six cloaked cultists wielding longbows. The cultists fired upon the adventurers and Bethany discovered that their arrows passed right through her metal armour striking her painfully. As some of the cultists began casting spells, Laneth tumbled into a flanking and hamstrung one of the cultists, while Bethany became enraged and attacked a pair of the enemies. Keen Ears took aim with his bow but suffered a catastrophic failure which Nick made light of with a witticism that lifted the party’s spirits.

One of the cultists tried to flee down a short corridor so Laneth gave chase and found a smaller storage room containing a very large clockwork creature that came to life and advanced, so the elven rogue retreated to the first room and alerted the group to this new foe. The clockwork golem rose and squeezed its way down the hallway and into the scene of the battle. Seeing Laneth then Golem picked up the elf and began crushing her in its vice-like grip while its sharp gears tore at her. Bethany dropped a cultist and then rounded on the golem, hacking at it to try and free Laneth, but luckily Keen Ears recovered from his earlier misfire and took off the golem’s head. The other cultists were soon felled including one that tried to flee south but was chased down by the angry barbarian.

Nick examined the arrows and discovered the metal heads were made from ghost iron which allowed them to travel through metal armor. The bard collected a bundle of arrows from the fallen cultists as well as several fine bows which were added to the party’s collection. The group made their way further into the dungeon level, passing a twenty foot wide cistern full of water, which appeared to gather rainwater from a drainage hole above. The adventueres turned west along a hallway and opened a door upon a small craft workshop. Among the debris they found two sets of fine craftsman’s tools as well as some valuable scrolls on gollemancy and how to disrupt golems.

The next chamber along the hallway was filled with tables and chairs along with four more cultists. Laneth reacted first to the new threat and ran past the cultists to block the south exit in case any of the cultists tried to flee.

But then the world seemed to go haywire for several moments as the walls seemed to grow and shrink. Or maybe it was the adventurers who grew and shrank, one moment they are as big as giants and the next as tiny as fairies. The cultists looked as confused as the adventurers. Finally after several moments the world became still again and battle was resumed with the map in the correct scale.
Keen Ears took aim and with his powerful bow, struck down one cultist, then wounded another. The cultists then fired upon Laneth and Bethany. Bethany once again flew into a rage and carved her way through the cultists. Nick took up his short bow and his razor wit, keeping his companions bolstered with the latter while stinging the cultists with the former. One of the cultists fled south and was cut down, but not before alerting a giantess who called out to her followers before advancing on the party. Bethany charged forward to meet the giantess and was speared for her trouble. Luckily Nock was nearby and used his magic to heal Bethany’s wounds. Laneth tumbled in behind the giantess and together Laneth and Bethany hacked at the enemy while Nick and Keen attacked from range. The giantess used a final spear attack against Bethany, Laneth and Keen before falling. Beyond the fallen giantess a huge mound of furs showed this was the creature’s bed chamber. Keen Ears looted the corpse and recovered a bounty of loot in coins and gems. Upon the wall hung a pair of cloaks, a pretty red one as well as a dirty brown cloak that glowed magically. Nick then burned through a healing wand on the many wounds suffered by Bethany, Laneth and Keen.

Following the hallway back to the east, the group found another group of cultists who were soon brought down. The southern door of this large room looked familiar to the magical door they had used the key and passcode on above.

Here we paused.



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