Tales of a Shattered Star

Session Notes - 6th April 2014

Cast of Characters
GM – Shane
Rock – Brad
Nick – Simon
Keen Ears – Dave
Ashelin – Hailey
Bethany – Shaun
Laneth – Steve
Clanky (Sir Clanks-a-lot – Clockwork servant)
Viekko – Rawry

Quest summary
Solve the Sarendae Murders (completed)
Visit the Windsong Abbey – find the next shard

Session Notes
The additions to the mansion proceeded well under the supervision of the heroes, as they spent some downtime pursuing various projects. While discussing their options for the journey to the Windsong Abbey, Ashelin mentioned that she could learn a spell to conjure up temporary mounts for the party. Nick chimed in saying somewhere to sleep would be nice as well, so in addition the mage also learned how to conjure a tiny hut for the adventurers to sleep in. Bethany was worried that Nick had gone soft, as the barbarian was not afraid of roughing it in the wild. Under the pretense of supplying meals for the group as they traveled, Nick purchased a large amount of trail rations which he stuffed into his bag of holding. The hungry Halfling was worried that when it came to mealtime he might have to share with the others, so ended up purchasing a month’s supply of food for the two-day journey.

When everything was ready four of the party mounted their conjured horses, leaving Rock, Veikko and Laneth to catch up when they could, most likely riding Viekko’s undead Wyverns. The slightly smaller group had an uneventful ride along the Lost Coast road to the coastal town of Sandpoint. The guards at the gate watched the group enter but did not challenge them, so they continued along Market Street and stopped outside the Rusty Dragon Inn. As they entered Nick and Keen noticed an attractive woman behind the bar, while Ashelin and Bethany noticed a group of patrons surrounding a gypsy woman, who looked to be telling them a story.
As they approached the bar, the lady addressed them.
“Welcome to the Rusty Dragon, how may I be of assistance?”
Nick remembered that the Rusty Dragon was renowned for its spicy dishes and so replied.
“Can you bring me something tasty and hot?”
Ashelin then said “We are headed to Windsong Abbey and are looking for a place to stay the night.”
“Ahh. In that case, you may want to talk to the peddler over there.” Replied the bar tender pointing to the gypsy surrounded by a small crowd. Meanwhile Nick had been enjoying the local scenery and made an off-hand comment to prolong the exchange.
“Quick question, is this inn for sale perhaps?”
“No. I am quite happy here.” Came the amused reply.
Keen Ears stood sniggering behind the Halfling, openly ogling the barkeep, so Bethany took charge of the situation and her wayward companions, grabbing both males by the ears and dragging them over to the crowd around the gypsy.
“Come on lads, leave the nice lady alone.”
As the group approached the peddler, a few of the patrons shook their heads as if in disbelief of what they had heard and wandered away from the crowd. Seeing the party the peddler greeted them and asked.
“Hello. Do you want to hear about my brush with death?”
Ashelin greeted her warmly in Varisian and so we took a table so Nick could enjoy his spicy meal, and we could hear the peddler’s tale.
“I was traveling near the abbey when I noticed smoke and detoured to investigate.” She began. “As I approached I found a small strangely pointed cap of crimson that looked like it was soaked in blood. Not a moment later a boulder the size of horse landed not ten feet from me! It came from a fourty-foot giant, and seeing the giant I fled, running for my life! I only briefly saw it and I fled immediately.”
Upon hearing this story the party questioned the peddler to find out more information.
“Are giants common to the area?”
“No, they are not common, usually staying near hills and mountain ranges. I don’t know why there would be a giant at the abbey.”
When thanked for sharing her tale, the peddler reached into her pack and retrieved a small bundle of blood-soaked cloth.
“Here.” She said, handing over the object. “This is the cap I found. I believe it came from a redcap.”
“Are redcaps common to the area?”
“No, but I believe they may be responsible for the smoke at the abbey. The outer buildings looked damaged like they had been through an earthquake, but the central tower was intact and I could see someone moving around inside there from a lighted window.”
“Are you going to the abbey?” She asked us.
“Yes.” We replied.
“In that case, you should make sure you have cold iron, to deal with the redcaps.” She suggested.
After lunch, the group again thanked the peddler for the advice and ventured into Sandpoint to secure some cold iron weapons. Keen Ears managed to buy a few bundles of arrows with cold iron tips, while Bethany tracked down a large cold iron club known as an earth shaker. Nick however spent the afternoon perusing the local real estate and ended up buying a tidy little seaside cottage, calling it his country retreat.

Here we paused.



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