Tales of a Shattered Star

Session Notes 20th July 2014

GM – Shane
Rock – Brad
Nick – Simon
Keen Ears – Dave
Ashelin – Hailey
Bethany – Shaun
Laneth – Steve
Clanky (Sir Clanks-a-lot – Clockwork servant)
Viekko – Rawry

Quest summary
Investigate the Windsong Abbey – find the next shard
Return the Head Priest to Magnimar

Session Notes
The second Doomsday door looked exactly the same as the first so the party tried using the same combination and the door opened to reveal a chamber beyond. Within this new room was a stairway leading down into darkness and opposite the stair was a recessed alcove holding a stone pedestal. Upon the pedestal stood a flickering globe that changed as Viekko approached it into the image of a moon with a skull face on it. Viekko called in Ashelin to consult on the religious symbology of the moon and skull and decided this crystal ball was an icon of Groetus, the god of the end times.


The icon is said to form a window allowing powerful priest of Groetus to look through. Viekko decided remove the crystal and placed it in a bag to shield the party from any observers. Before venturing downstairs however, the party decided to explore the rest of the current floor and continued east and then south along a hallway. At the end of the southern hall was a storage room which was full of lumber and covered in dust, showing no one had been this way in a long time. Turning north the group found another twisting path that went east and then south and ended in a brick wall that looked newer than the surrounding stone. Bethany decided to investigate and so called on her rage enhanced strength to break through the flimsy brick wall. Beyond however was a shaft with a spike lined floor. This appeared to be the bottom of the pit trap that Laneth had found in the temple. Turning back north the party discovered a door that was cold to the touch and quite stuck. Once again using her great strength Bethany forced the door which opened upon a cold storage room containing boxes of frozen meat and other goods. Inside the room were four statues which came to life when Laneth and Ashelin decided to investigate. The battle was short lived however as Ashelin blasted the room with a powerful fireball that missed her friends, but took down the four ice statues in a single blast. Unfortunately the blast also partially defrosted the stored goods and the concussion wave pushed Bethany down the hallway. The party closed the door on the now ruined freezer and returned to the Dooms day door. Viekko decided on the way back to drop of the crystal ball in the bottom of the spike trap and as he left said cheerfully “See you soon.”

At the top of the stair Viekko used his power to channel healing energy into the group and so feeling revived, the party headed down stairs into the darkness. A short hallway led to a wider passage leading north. Not far ahead the party found a large chamber lit by four braziers at each corner. The walls of the chamber were carved into an elaborate fresco depicting many people queued and waiting to approach a blindfolded man twice as tall as any other. A long scroll extended from the figure’s mouth and unfurled across the landscape. Ashelin took out her drawing supplies and tried to sketch the images while Nick recalled from his bardic training that the figure was a priest of Groetus whi later became a herald of Groetus. The fresco appeared to be over 10,000 years old and covered an ancient prophesy. Ashelin realised the writing in the fresco was a type of spell but was unable to determine what the spell might be, only that is was very powerful. Continuing north the group found another chamber with stairs leading down. The walls of this chamber appeared to be a ruined temple much larger than the space of the actual walls. The optical illusion was very convincing and it took a while for the group to notice a crab-like creature huddled on the stairs. Ashelin recognised the creature as a demon Gongorinan. Keen Ears checked his bow and then unleaded a volley of arrows at the creature though most seemed to bounce off the creature’s tough hide. The demon then scuttled forward and its hideous presence caused confusion amongst everyone in the party except for Laneth and Bethany. The creature also decided to sting Keen ears for good measure. While Laneth, Bethany and Keen ears continued to hack away at the demon crab, Nick and Ashelin in their confused state started attacking each other, while Viekko alternated between babbling incoherently and punching himself in the face. Even after the crab was defeated the group were still confused, and still trying their best to kill each other. Bethany attempted to grapple Keen Ears to prevent him from shooting anyone but failed and took a barrage of arrows for her trouble. Bethany then decided to grapple Nick as the bard had scored some wicked hits against Ashelin, which also affected Viekko through his magical bond. After several agonising seconds the group were able to shake off the confusion and Viekko once again dished out more healing magic.

A door to the north of the chamber opened onto a dusty Apothocarium workroom where a quick search turned up 1200 gold pieces of components and tools. On a small shelf Nick also discovered a Philosopher’s Stone, which Ashelin announced was quite valuable. Returning to the brazier room the group headed east and found another room carved with an optical illusion, this time the image was of pillars heading off into the distance. Another set of stairs led down into darkness, and once again the group found themselves facing another demon Gongorinan. Keen Ears readied his bow and started shooting the crab. Viekko called upon his divine magic to blast the creature with holy fire, although most of the damage was ignored. Laneth tumbled in behind the creature and hacked away with her elven curved blade. Unfortunately Bethany was confused by the creature’s hideous appearance, but a quick thinking Viekko slapped the barbarian and kept her attention focused on him while the rest of the party took care of the demon. Bethany flailed away at the heavily armoured cleric but did not manage to cause any damage. Ashelin finished the crab with several magical missiles. Once again returning to the brazier room the group opened the door to the west and ventured beyond to a short hallway that turned north and then turned west again. Ahead they could see a fountain carved into the corner of the hallway and appeared to be giant mouth. As Laneth approached a loud noise like a spring firing sounded and a piece of the fountain short out at Laneth, followed quickly by a large water elemental that emerged from the fountain. Once again Nick found the situation quite hilarious and kept his companions bolstered with his sharp wit. At the party slashed away at the elemental Viekko called upon one of his most power full spells and stepped forward casting Harm upon the Elemental as he reached out and touched it. The Elemental responded by slamming the cleric and staggering him. Keen Ears then finished the creature with a well place volley of arrows.

Here we Paused.



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