Tales of a Shattered Star

Session Notes, August 3rd 2014

No Cleric, No Bard, No Healing, No Worries!

GM – Shane
Rock – Brad
Nick – Simon
Keen Ears – Dave
Ashelin – Hailey
Bethany – Shaun
Laneth – Steve
Clanky (Sir Clanks-a-lot – Clockwork servant)
Viekko – Rawry

Current Quests:
Investigate the Windsong Abbey – find the next shard
Return Zolarem the Head Priest to Magnimar
Capture Ardathanatus so he can be redeemed

Session Summary:
Having defeated the Elemental the group continued around the north running hallway and found a series of seven doors. Laneth crept forward and listened at each door, hearing the snoring coming from several of the rooms. Heading back to the first door, Laneth silently entered the room and discovered a sleeping figure dressed in tattered rags lying on a bed in the corner of the room. Holding a knife to the sleeper’s throat Laneth tried to rouse him and keep him quiet, but as soon as he opened his eyes, he screamed “Intruders! Intruders!” at the top of his lungs and rolled away from Laneth’s knife slash. The sleeping man then stood up taking a slash from Laneth’s knife and then transformed into a werebear. Bethany noticed this through the open doorway and rushed in hacking the creature down viciously. Thinking quickly, Laneth rushed outside the door and down the hallway, ducking into one of the doors near the end of the hall and closing the door behind her. Not long after Laneth had disappeared into the room, another werebear burst from the second door, followed by two more, filling the hallway. Laneth then appeared from the far room, which has been empty and approached the werebears from behind. As the werebears had decided to line themselves up nicely in the hallway, Ashelin calmly retrieved her wand of lightning bolt and fired it down the hallway, at the werebears. Bethany avoided most of the lightning bolt, while Laneth at the end of the hall deftly ducked out of the way of the sizzling magic. The sneaky elf then used her magical talent to vanish and became invisible. Bethany then hacked her way through the bears while Ashelin and Keen provided ranged support. One of the bears managed to bite Bethany, but in her enraged state, she shook off the bite and avoided any ill effects (much to the vexation of the GM). Soon all of the bears were defeated.

An invisible Laneth moved to the last door at the end of the hallway and opened it to reveal an armoury. Within the room was a pair of creatures with four tentacle suckered arms ending in pincers and a gaping maw. The creatures were so fascinating that Laneth just stood there in the doorway staring at them. The rest of the party approached and Ashelin recognised them as Shoggi demons. Bethany ran forward and engaged one of the shoggi which in response reached out bypassing her defences and touched the barbarian with one of its tentacles sapping her will. Laneth then reappeared in the doorway, staring mutely at the shoggi so Ashelin shook her to wake her from the fascination. Bethany hacked one of the shoggi with her sword, and then stepped up to the second one. Keen Ears stepped into the doorway and avoided the fascinating aura of the shoggi. The archer filled the shoggi full of arrows but appeared to do little damage. Laneth tumbled in behind the shoggi and sliced it while Ashelin finished it off with a wand of magic missile. After the battle the adventurers searched the armoury and uncovered a small number of magical arrows that would be effective against undead creatures. Keen Ears gratefully added them to his stockpile. Ashelin then used a wand of false life to give Bethany a boost of health as the barbarian was in rough shape. Further investigation of the dungeon level revealed a starway leading back up to the higher level and a pair of double doors. Laneth opened to the doors and found a large chamber with gusts of winds coming from holes in the west wall. The other walls of the room were carved with birds with long tail feathers and musical notations. In the south end of the room stood a badly defaced statue of an angel with butterfly wings carved into the alcove. Shuffling around the room was a tentacle-armed creature called a chernobue. The chernobue noticed the group and moved forward grinning evilly at the adventurers, paralysing Ashelin, Bethany and Keen Ears with its disgusting aura. Laneth didn’t notice the rest of her companions were frozen and ran in behind the creature and attacked it. The chernobue turned towards the elf and slammed her with its tentacles. Laneth wisely decided to retreat and check out her companions. The chernobue approached but could not leave the chamber. It struck at the frozen adventurers with a chaos hammer, but the spell was ineffective against the party. A long minute later the party shook off the paralysis but still faced the disgusting aura of the chernobue. Bethany became enraged and shook off the effects, while Ashelin also was unaffected. Keen Ears froze one again but was revived when Ashelin cast protection from evil which also meant the party could not be paralysed again but the chernobue. The party then surrounded the chernobue and sought to defeat it with might and magic. The chernobue poisoned Bethany with its bite, but was soon reduced to a quivering pile of goo. The group then recalled a conversation they had earlier with Casamir, regarding a hidden cache of magic in this room. The party searched the altar and discovered a wand, several scrolls and a ring.

a wand of restoration – 9 charges
a scroll of break enchantment
a scroll of resurrection
a scroll of wind walk
a ring of spell storing – breath of life – cure light wounds

The party badly needed to rest and recover, and soon found the ideal place when they moved north and found another smaller altar room that had strangely left untouched and not defaced like the others they had found. This square room was filled with tapestries and a window with a statue of a kneeling woman in front of it. Ashelin recognized the statue was of Serendae, and was contemplating the setting of the sun. The group decided this was a good place to rest and felt more invigorated the longer they stayed. While sleeping in the temple, the party received a vision of Ardathanatus writing in agony and realised that they should not kill him, but capture him instead as there was a chance he could be redeemed.

Here we paused to rest and recover.

(Temple bonus: Heal twice the normal amount, in half the time)



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